I wasn't able to go and see Blixas CD-Brennerei happening myself, but I have been send this very nice review by Yoko:


This beautiful experience started on 16.5. and ended on 30.5. at a galery, called Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin Mitte.
I opened the door with a big expectation. There I saw a room, painted in White and more than 30 Cds on the wall and.....Blixa in front of me, walking around the room.
Somehow, it took a while for me to understand what I should do or who I should be there.

Blixa went back to his desk, a wooden desk with a bottle of wine on it. I didn't know, if I could step into this quiet small world...
He was writing something on the desk and The white room was surrounded by deep & ambient tone repeating. Yes, this was the CD-Brennerei, that he recorded a cd almost at the same time he does something. He speaks a small sentence on a microphone, make it repeat, and while it repeats, he makes sounds on it, then make them repeat...on and on.
It starts normally pretty simple, then it gets deeper and deeper and finally the whole room was full of sounds. Ooohhh.....so beautiful, that I can't even describe.
The only thing I could do was just sit on the floor, looking at somewhere where my eyes wanted to stare, and feel the sound.
What he was doing, was also repeating as the sound. He makes the sounds..lets them repeat ...puts more sounds on them..lets them repeat..then stops..puts a button of Cd recorder.. writes a title on the cover while waiting..at last puts the finished cd on the wall.
Again he starts the next one...

Blixa was there from 16:00-19:00 and made about 5 cds on a day. Everything wasn't planned, and made as the way how it went...Happening.

I haven't had such a great experience for a long time, and it's still hard for me to describe how I felt exactly. It might sound cheap, but I could only say..It was really to be respected.